About Us

Sophia Transport is a family run UK haulier. Providing temperature-controlled transport solutions for importers, exporters, retailers, freight forwarders and re-packaging facilities.


A diverse team loaded with intelligence, innovation and creativity.

In the fruit, vegetables or flowers sector? Chances are you would benefit from a provider who has a combined 40 years experience in serving this industry.

Transport - Simplified

Our mission is to provide a simple but professional tailored logistics solutions to our customers.

Quite simply we provide:

  • End to End Logistics

  • Air Cargo collections

  • Wholesale Market Deliveries

  • Same day Service

  • Pack-house / Supermarket RDC deliveries

  • Retail Services

Delivering your cargo cost-effectively, quicker and smarter.

Value Added Services

Naturally with logistics there are value added services which come as standard when you use our services.

Your business will benefit without extra costs on:

  • Integrated IT systems to get Temperature Reports, PODs

  • Minute by Minute update on the movement of cargo

  • Specialised Vehicles for ULD equipment

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Highly Trained Drivers and Operational Team

  • 'Mission Complete' Attitude